In our last blog post we discussed why a skincare routine is so important in maintaining a healthy skin and a gorgeous complexion. We also gave a run down on cleansers and exfoliators and why Nuvéo products beat the rest! If you missed that post be sure to read it here (add link to last post) as we continue on discussing serums and hydrators.

Step three – Serums

Serums are definitely an underrated aspect of a daily skincare routine and are often forgotten about or can seem unnecessary, however in actual fact it is serums that reach the deeper layers of the skin and make the most dramatic differences. Their consistency is lighter and is absorbed quickly by the skin which is why it can be mistaken for non-effective, however this is good because it means that the serum is not sitting on the surface of the skin and is actually working to improve the general condition of your skin.

Nuveó has several serums targeting different concerns that all have the highest quality ingredients to give the best results in a short period of time.

The first serum we recommend using is Positive Wrinkle Control which has a gradual botox-like effect in that it is proven to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by up to 63%. Positive Wrinkle Control has ingredients such as Snap-8 that relaxes expressive facial muscles and Hyadisine which is one of the most effective ingredients that maintains moisture levels in the skin, helping to plump the skin. This serum is great as an eye cream, plus for the forehead, crow’s feet and in-between the eyebrow area.

After using Positive Wrinkle Control we recommend the wonderful Collagen Activation Serum that contains peptides that are derived from naturally occurring vegetable based Amino Acids that help provide better cohesion and stabilization of the collagen fibers. Collagen Activation Serum promotes elasticity for the skin all while effectively being hydrating. The lifting and toning results from this serum are instant whilst the anti-wrinkle effect is gradual. Use this serum all over the face, concentrating on nasal labial folds and cheek area.

The final serum that we offer is our Regain Volumisation Therapy that has delicious ingredients such as Adyfyline that re-plumps the skin. This serum is astounding as it is also able to boost, control and protect collagen production in the skin, providing long term benefits! This serum is fabulous for sagging skins, and extremely beneficial for the neck and decollate area – everyone should be using this serum.

Step Four – Hydrate

Here at Nuvéo we do not stock a moisturiser as we firmly believe that it is not enough to just moisterise the skin, as many moisturisers sit on the surface of the skin and once it has been washed you’re back to square one of having dry, rough skin. We aim to hydrate skin from the inside out, on all levels so once you wash your face your skin is still in immaculate condition.

To achieve such results, in addition to the rest of our skin care line we finish off with our Lusterising Skin Tone Complex that contains our star ingredient Marimoist, which is a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Algae. The Hyaluronic Acid helps the vitamins that our products contain reach the deeper layers of the skin, whilst the Marine Algae keeps the surface feeling smooth and silky, the two ingredients are a match made in heaven. Lustersing Skin Tone Complex also contains a stabilised Vitamin C and helps with uneven skin tone and redness. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and soft.

A great skincare routine will become as routine as brushing your teeth or eating breakfast, second nature really. And the results from being diligent are remarkable. There’s really nothing to lose when it comes to investing in your skin.