Our skin is the largest living, breathing organ of our human body, working day and night to protect us from toxic chemicals and harsh elements. It regulates our body temperature and senses the world around us. Sounds like a lot of hard work, right?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that even though your skin is doing all of the fighting to protect your insides, it too needs some tender love and care in order to stay in the best condition.

The benefits of a good skincare routine will make a substantial improvement in both your appearance and your health. It’s never too late or too early to make the commitment to take care of your skin as much as it takes care of you!

Imagine reversing the years damage already done or better yet preventing the damage before it even happens, a great skin care routine will do this! Over the next two blog posts we’ll be discussing how each step in your Nuvéo skincare program will make an overall improvement in your skin.

Step One – Cleanse

Cleansing the skin is definitely a step not to be missed morning and night. Regular cleansing removes make-up as well as impurities such as excess oils and pollution in the air that gets trapped in the pores of the skin. A cleansed face preps the skin to absorb other products in your skincare routine and maximises results.

The Nuvéo Protective Cleansing Crème and Gel has all the benefits of a regular cleanser however in addition it also helps protect the skins moisture barrier and boost hydration in the skin due to containing Marimoist and other anti-aging ingredients that encourage the production of collagen. It really goes far and beyond other cleansers.

Step Two – Exfoliate

Exfoliation can leaves the skin feeling smooth and clear by removing dead skin cells and giving you a perfect canvas to absorb serums and hydrators as well as apply makeup to. However over exfoliating can be dangerous to the long-term health of your skin. Mechanical exfoliates that use salts or sugars can be abrasive as they are not only scrubbing away the dead skin cells but also the alive ones. Over years of using a mechanical exfoliant it can make the skin thinner and thus more prone to wrinkles.

Nuvéos Active Skin Cell Exfoliation is the worlds first ‘leave on’ enzyme exfoliation crème, which means the product separates dead skin cells from the living and reveals a brighter complexion. This method is far less abrasive and a more efficient way of taking care of the skin for those with a busy lifestyle.

Be sure to read our next post that will cover serums and hydrators and how they can take up to ten years off of your appearance.