Our Lusteriser boasts the unparalleled powers of VC-IP.
Potent yet gentle, stable form of vitamin C. With abilities to give rise to glowing, vibrant skin, this formulation promises to energise and enchant. Infused with Marimoist techonology, our antioxidant-rich blends scavenge free radicals while tightening and evening skin. Let your skin bloom with these nourishing, brilliant formulas.


A potent antioxidant formulation designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and deterioration of the skin, appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation concerns and random dark patches.


  • Potent antioxidants scavenge pollutants to fight against
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firms and strengthens the skin
  • Stimulates the skin
  • Evens skin texture and tone
  • Brightens skin colouring
  • Provides hydration


Formulated with powerful peptides and botanical brighteners to diminish and prevent discolouration and random dark patches. This amazing product brings skin surface back to an even glowing appearance.

Containing VC-IP – a unique stable Vitamin C breakthrough product, Vit-B6 and CG- IDP-2 further improves clarity, even tone and reduces wrinkles via the attraction of naturally occurring skin stem cells.