Creams Vs Serum

Due to the sheer number of skincare products on the market with different consistencies, the average consumer is often confused when selecting the most suitable product. In this issue, we will provide you with some tools to help you make the best selection.

What Is a Face Serum?

Highly concentrated, a face serum is a clear, gel-like beauty agent used to combat specific, targeted areas on the face and neck. The molecular structure of serums is much smaller than gels or creams, so a face serum can penetrate the skin quicker and deeper than products that include a moisturiser. They are known to have a light, oil-free texture that can offer a higher concentration of vitamins and antioxidants than creams that are coupled with oils.

Who Can Benefit from a Face Serum?

Because of its low-moisture and concentrated formulation, a serum is ideal for individuals with specific areas in need of treatment. Many of the best serums for face and neck contain age-defying ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides, and even skin brighteners. Most products recommend that you dot a small amount of the serum on the target area twice a day—at night and in the morning.

Also, people with oily skin usually find that a face serum can provide all the benefits of healthy skin without the addition of oils commonly present in moisturising creams. Many creams and moisturising lotions are formed with mineral oils or a form of petroleum designed to protect and moisturise skin. Nut and seed oils, which are usually present in creams and lotions, are left out of most serums. In fact, some of the best serums for face and neck are designed to be water-based, completely eliminating oils that can clog pores and cause acne. For those with oily skin, it means that the benefits of beauty enhancing products that once seemed out of reach because of excessive oil can now be used to target specific problem areas caused by broken capillaries, age spots, and other common skin conditions.

While a face serum may at first seem like a dream cure for those with oily skin, it is still possible to use it with dry skin as well. A serum can be accompanied with a moisturiser as long as you use the serum first, so that it can penetrate the skin. Otherwise, the oils in moisturisers can actually put up a barrier against a serum if it is not put directly on your skin. Also, if you suffer from extremely dry skin, you should wait 15 minutes after washing your face before you apply a face serum so that it does not penetrate your skin too quickly, causing irritation and redness.

Tips for Applying a Face Serum

You will probably notice that most serums come with a small dropper or pump that only allows you to expel a small amount of the liquid at a time. You only need a drop of a serum to enjoy its effects. After washing your face dab the serum on your face, don’t rub it, and allow it time to dry and fully penetrate your skin. After that, you can apply a moisturizer and makeup as it will not counteract with the face serum.

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