No question, just a comment or two! Thoroughly impressed with the skincare products I just received a few days ago! Can already see a difference in my face skin and texture, no longer use a makeup primer to smooth out my complexion! Thank you for truly superior products!
Rina C, Australia
Your collagen cream is the best on the market. Remarkable product! I have tried everything and at a great expense, but this exceeds them all. So thank you!!
Kate W, Australia
I just wanted to let you know how much I love your facial products. I switched to them back in late August of this year and my skin looks and feels amazing. I went through about a 2 week “cleansing” phase where I broke out and was unsure of the products, but now that I know what it was doing (cleansing my skin of all the grime and gunk) and see how my skin looks and feels – I couldn’t be happier with the products. One of my sisters and my mom have both also switched to your products after seeing what an amazing job they did for me. Thank you, thank you!!!
Jane S, USA
I have been using the the Protective Cleanser for about 4 weeks now and am extremely impressed.

I have suffered with red blotchy dry skin for some time. I have literally spent a fortune on face washes over the past 2 years trying everything from expensive cosmetic brands to cheaper pharmacy brands. None of them have given me anything like the results that I have got from the Protective Cleanser and Collagen cream.

I am now thrilled that I have a complete skincare regime with your products and I no longer need to mix and match with other brands.

Congratulations on achieving this and thank you again for your all your help and support.

Tom H, UK
My review of the Protective Cleanser: Cleanser is very refreshing, and surprisingly very effective at removing makeup. Leaves the skin clean and hydrated.
Sarah S, Australia
My name is Tina and am 51 years old. I just wanted to say I love your Skin care range.

This is my 3rd repeat of your skin care range I use the Cleaner, Exfloiator and the Collagen Activating serum morning and night.

My Story is I was told in November last year 2013 that I had breast cancer in both my Breast. Wow it was such a shock I had to have surgery on both Breast’s in December and had to start Radiotherapy in March 2014 for five week every day only having weekends off.

At the time of having Radiotherapy I couldn’t use creams only those that were given to me by the Hospital. So my face didn’t look great or feel good at all. But now since I have finished radiotherapy in April 2014, I have been using your skin care products and what a difference my skin is in 4 months. Thank you so much!

I feel much better, my face looks fresher and alive again. I am starting to exercise again and drink lots of water and eat healthy as I always have done. Having confidence in your serums has set me back on the right road to full recovery in my body and my skin.

Thank You!

Tina K, UK
Collagen Activating Serum I would recommend this product to anyone at any age but more so 35’s and up. This product is doing amazing things for my skin. I use it twice a day and it is already firming and plumping my skin. I am very patient when it comes to products working but I feel this working right away. My daughter who is 28 yrs old told me my skin looks really good this week she said he had a natural pink color and my skin appeared to be naturally luminous she also told me it seems to be more firm. Exactly what I wanted from this product….. She was not aware I had added a Collagen /peptide step in my daily program. The peptides in this product really do a good job and I love how this product absorbs into the skin. Sublime rocks wonderful service….no complaints here.
Amand J, Australia


Started firming feeling after one use. Only takes one pump or even less to feel the effects. Quality is wonderful. Has almost zero scent which is important to me because I’m sensitive and get headaches. Haven’t had any due to this collagen serum yay! Good company also no animal testing and is cruelty free. My skin feels soft, less under eye circles, well moisturised and toned.
Rania J ,Uk
Really light texture, leaves skin smooth and silky. With rather oily skin, I am very sensitive to products that leave my face sticky: no such problem with this serum. Definitely worth trying, will continue using.
Monica , J Canada
I have been using Nuveo product for about 5 days and I love it. It has really improved my fine lines and given me a bit of hope. The serum is light and contains no parabens or artificial colors.
Jessica , M Australia

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